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Whether you are a business owner, manager, stockholder, or employee, you want your enterprise to function efficiently and at the best profit margin. I believe all would agree that personnel who are distracted with an inability to concentrate whether by mental stress or from physical pain, are not functioning at their maximum potential. These mental and physical stresses cause loss of production, lack of clear thought, and even missed days from work. Studies have shown that the worker, who takes work home with him/her on his/her laptop or other electronic devise, is not more productive. The relaxed employee who is healthy and takes vacations and is clear thinking is just as, or more productive than the workaholic who puts in many more hours. The workaholic doesn't have time to think of his health and wellness. There will always be that complaint about that sore neck or back.

Many companies have taken heed to these studies and have, with a resulting increase in productivity, invested in exercise equipment and an exercise area. Or they have incorporated group exercise at the start of their day like the Japanese have done. My name is Christina S. Short - I have dual degrees, have worked, several years, with The Defiance College - North West Ohio Educational Service Center - Creative Dramatics, Honors Academy Program Educator - As a Creative Dramatics Instructor building confidence. I am an experienced Life Coach, Educator, Pilates Practitioner, Movement Therapist and Instructor. Recently, Oprah Winfrey spent a whole show crediting Pilates Principles with her weight loss, body toning, maintaining her weight and good health. She talked about many famous Hollywood people who have furthered their careers with this specific program developed by Joseph Pilates. The cost to these individuals for this special instruction with highly effective techniques was in the thousands. I can provide this same special program with group rates at a fraction of the cost. When a person improves his/her muscle tone, balance, cervical and lumbar spine, mental control, he becomes a more productive person who is relaxed, pain-free, confident, focused, and possesses more endurance.

Companies can provide a tax-deductible (check with your CPA) investment in their most important asset. This company asset is not their product or their service but their people. You need effective people to produce or provide successfully. This investment in your people will provide dividends back to the company. Management teams, or employees of all types will benefit from these specific Pilates Principles. Your personnel, as my clients, will become a clear thinking, healthy workforce. If increasing your company's performance and profits is not in your corporate budget, I can still give group rates to you or your employees if they want to group together and improve their life at their own expense. It has been my experience though, that many people need someone to put the car in drive for them or they do not get down that road to success. People do not always invest in their own wellness.