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Pilates on Principles, USA Apprenticeship Training Program

The Pilates Apprentice

Who is the Pilates apprentice?


Anyone with a desire to learn the basic principles of the Pilates method makes an excellent candidate to learn & train in this discipline. Learning the Pilates groundwork makes an ideal companion for many folks, specifically, teens & the younger adult with an interest in learning and teaching while in high-school or away at college with the promise of earning a great income. The ideal Pilates apprentice also includes any one that wishes to enhance his or her career potential in their profession e.g. martial arts, yoga, physical therapist, dancers, and other fields of movement. Learning the Pilates discipline, with intent to teach, makes sense in other areas such as mental health, life-coaching, wellness specialist, labor & delivery coaching, midwifery, to name a few.


This apprenticeship program is committed to teaching the philosphy of Joseph H. Pilates.

The core of this program is Matwork. The groundwork performed on a mat will be the basis of this Pilates program. Matwork is the foundation of the Pilates method. Joseph coined the phrase, "the body is the only tool necessary to achieve physical fitness." There are other professions that may  Teaching experience is a plus but certainly not necessary to begin this program. Teaching is a learned skill and with this method it becomes an art as well as a way of life! Any experience in a related form of movement is encourage to train. As with any discipline, accountability, continutity and persistence are key to success.


The apprentice will learn bound by contract by practical experience under the direction of a professional practitioner. This apprenticeship program operates under the direction of another for a prescribed period of time with the view of learning in the trade of the Pilates method. The student shall learn by practical experience, hours of observation and student teaching, ability to modulate and flow direction of both private and group settings, ability to demonstrate proficient knowledge of the Pilates method with and without movment. In addition, the student shall guide and instruct clients in a forward manner both positive and proactive mannerisms. The student must demostrate freely the verbal movement of anatomical language as well as an ability to translate laymans terms vs. practitoners terms. The sturdetn should possess usefull knowldege of both laymans approach and the practitioners teaching approach. The student will be comforable with and able to guide the client in passive and aggresive stretches as well as a professional consultation with full body scan. The student must demonstrate a level of proficiency in all areas of the Pilates method of matwork in order to progress.


The cost for the program is based upon the length of time necessary for each individual to comprehend and complete the course with examination. There is a base fee to begin the program which covers the first full-year and students are responsible for cost of group training too. Although, a background in movement is ideal, there are no specific requirements for admission to this Pilates progarm. To begin the process submit your application with the $75.00 application fee. If you are accepted into this training program you will be notified by mail within two weeks from the date of your application. If interested write to or call 419-877-3001.

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